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Call for Scores


due Oct 1, 2017

Chicago-based experimental music ensemble a•pe•ri•od•ic is...

Robert on Time With People

On Spending Time With Time With People (With People)

Tim Parkinson’s opera Time With People is without doubt a curious and unconventional...

Kenn on Time With People

For Those Who Want to Know If It Was Good or Not

Criteria for determining whether I performed it right, in descending order of utility:

Matt on Time With People

Tim Parkinson's Time With People is an insane work of art. It requires of its performers all of the following: musical skill, choreography, set-design,...

Nora on Time With People

On first glance at the score of Time with People, experimental opera by British composer Tim Parkinson, it is impossible to perceive the depth and beauty...

Eliza on Time With People

One of my favorite things about working with a.pe.ri.od.ic is the way we can spend large amounts of time analyzing and debating the seemingly insignificant...